Showboard  Packages

The Ultimate Showboard Stand.  Watch the video on our home page to see it.

ALL   INCLUSIVE             24"x36  "      EXTRA LARGE     PKG

Custom Designed    24"x 36"   Showboard, Duplicate Poster and Metal Stand
Mounted onto 1/4" Gatorboard, Laminated front & back and framed on all 4 sides.
All for only   $387  plus tax
Free Shipping within the Continental USA

Don’s Showboards is the ONLY place you will find these stands.


I am a car guy and I realized quickly that that having a showboard is useless unless you can display it safely. I’m sure you’ve seen those flimsy easels or tripods at car shows blowing over in the wind sending the boards flying all over the place. This is unacceptable so we decided include a accident proof stand with our boards. However we discovered that there were no affordable ones out there, so we made our own.  We came up with this perfect heavy duty tip proof stand, made of 1/16” metal, primed and painted. The best part is that can you drive your car’s tire onto its base which holds it securely to the ground. The board is then attached to the stand with 2 strong magnets and 2 bottom stops. It’s not going anywhere! The stand will also work fine without driving you car onto it.

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ALL   INCLUSIVE     18"x24"   STANDARD     PKG

Custom Designed 18″x 24″ Showboard, Duplicate Poster and Metal Stand
Mounted onto 1/4″ Gatorboard, Laminated  front & back and Framed on all 4 sides.
All  for only $269plus tax
Free Shipping within the Continental USA


Includes everything in our all inclusive package with the addition of 4x6 or 5x7 postcards of your vehicle which prospective buyers can take with them. We will leave a spot on the card for you to write in your LOT# and the time it goes on the block also.      CALL FOR PRICE